Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Since this blog should be a bit of a journal of our time in China, I'll devote this post to some pictures of my first Mother's Day in China.  Though there was not an onslaught of ads for brunch buffets and suggestions for giving Mom flowers, candy, jewelry, my family did not forget this special day!  We were told restaurants might be more crowded than usual for lunch after church on Sunday so we went out to dinner on Saturday night.  Tried a new place near the hotel we stayed at back in May when we visited China to choose schools and a house.  It brought back memories when we dropped by the lobby after dinner.  We were unanimous in wishing we could stay for the fantastic breakfast buffet that we always enjoyed but we headed back to Jing Shan instead. On Sunday, Erin Skyped me from Chile and then we went to church then out for lunch at one of our favorite western retaurants.  Later, I opened my gifts from Ellysa.  Bill got me flowers and Emily fulfilled a request and baked me a lemon tart.  We sat by the pool for awile and watched Ellysa play there with a friend, then came home and ate leftovers for dinner.  A perfectly relaxing day!

Relaxing at dinner on Saturday night.

Mother's Day Eve Dinner Out

Gifts from Ellysa ("I had to use my free time at school. This is gonna MAKE YOU CRY!")

A vase of "flowers" featuring Elly in every bloom.

I'm glad "I got you babe!"

The "made -to-order" lemon tart from Emily Dawn.

Flowers from Bill.

Hmmmmm....  Perfect!

Thank's for making me a Mom!

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  1. You're amazing and I love you and miss you and I'm so sorry I wasn't present for the festivities! The pictures are precious :) I'll take lots and lots of pics for you in Patagonia...I leave tomorrow!!